Away from home, away from yarn…

Visiting family can be fun, especially when a four year old is involved! There is lots of laugh, lots of painting, lots of singing, music, dancing and CBeebies! And yet I miss my yarn… In lack of my hook and tread I am browsing the net in search of more patterns and inspirations.

Websites I have found extremely interesting and inspiring for my non-yet-existing crochet empire:

1. Crochet Geek 

I love this Youtube channel. You can find huge amount of patterns, new stitches, hats, scarfs, clothes and more! You can go to for clearly written patterns, which go with a video, so there will be no hiccups with your project.

2. Meladora’s Creations

A tremendous collective of gorgeous patterns. Everyone will find something for themselves. I have tested few patterns myself and love them all!

3. Midwest Crochet Etsy Blog Post

Sitting on the sofas in front of TV and crocheting  for family and friends. Never charging any money, never even thinking about the crochet skill as a way of earning some extra cash. I know I can’t speak for other people, but it is definitely  a picture of me, and I have got a feeling I am not the only one.

This Blog entry is only one of many out there, but have found it extremely useful and motivating. It puts our potential crochet empire into perspective.

4. Copyblogger

I love browsing this website, although it is not related to crochet at all. It is extremely useful to anyone that is intending to start a blog and needs a guidance. It is not only full of fantastic tips and advice, but also a brilliant example of how the clear and readable web page should look like. I would call it my pearl in the blogging world.  I have also a lot to learn!

Will be updating this post as and when I come across more pages that deserve a great deal of attention.

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