One of my unfinished projects so far. I have found this beautiful fractal on Pinterest and knew straight away, that I have to make it. I have used 2.5mm/B hook and 100% cotton Katia DK yarn. It comes on beautifully! I can’t wait to finish it already.

The pattern is available here:

I will post update photos soon 🙂


Edited on 24 October 2013

I have finished my fractal a while ago now. I have to admit it was not the easiest project I have ever done, but it is extremely rewarding! I have added few photos of my finished fractal below.

My tips for the project:

– This is a challenging project and you have to arm yourself with patience.

– Count, count, count!!! It is crucial for this project. While you can ‘get away with murder’ with some type of yarn or/and patterns, with this Fractal YOU CANNOT! If you think you have miscounted, stop and count again. If you found a mistake, go back and start again. Counting is the key to success here!

– The centre circle is the base of your Fractal. Make sure you get this right and have exactly 40 pairs of DC.

– When you finished the project it will be creased up and wrinkly, therefore it will need stretching and ironing. I put my finished Fractal between two clean, dump tea towels and stretched all the wrinkles.  Once you have done that, leave it to dry between the tea towels. Then iron it. Repeat the process if necessary. This takes time, so be patient. It will pay off.

I will be starting another Fractal soon, so I will be posting more tips as I go along.

Good luck on your projects and if you have any questions about specific parts of the Fractal ask away! I will do my best to help 🙂


my fractal Fractal IMG_0868 IMG_0977